How to remove Notoriety in Saints Row

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You will gain Notoriety as you unleash havoc in Santo Ileso in Saints Row. The more destruction and fights you get into on the open street, the more people will notice, forcing them to notify the police or other members of their gang if you’re fighting against any of the opposing groups that are out to get the Saints. This will build up, and if you don’t lose it, you will have serious firepower sent to deal with you. Here’s what you need to know about how to remove Notoriety in Saints Row.

How to get rid of Notoriety in Saints Row

There are two ways to lower and eventually remove your Notoriety in Saints Row. The first is the most straightforward: leave the location. You will want to use a vehicle to remove yourself from where you are and get away from the people trying to hunt you down. If your Notoriety is low enough, typically around the level one or two range, you should be able to drive away, and they won’t follow you. This allows you to recover and continue doing other side content or complete your next mission.

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However, if your Notoriety gets too high, the only way to stop your enemies from coming after you and attacking you is to take them all out. You will need to eliminate every member of the enemy faction fighting you to prevent more from spawning at the location. The trick is to take out anybody attempting to call reinforcements, which is difficult because they do it relatively quickly. You only have a few seconds to stop an enemy from calling their friends, bringing more people to your location to fight you.

Should you eliminate everyone in the immediate area and you stop them from placing a call, your Notoriety will go away. You can keep raising it by fighting with the enemies and taking on all of them. The more destruction and mayhem you cause, the more reason they have to call in friends to fight you. It’s a fun way to kill time if you want to put your weapons to the test.