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How to unlock fishing in Harvestella

The most sacred of side activities makes its presence known in Harvestella.

As players explore the fantastical lands within Harvestella, they will begin to stumble across what are clearly fishing icons, sprawled across all maps. When attempting to interact with them, the main character states that they cannot fish, as they don’t have a fishing rod. A fishing rod isn’t actually needed to fish within this title — players cannot craft this item. Unlocking the fishing mechanic in Harvestella, however, is simply done.

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Where to unlock fishing

Players will want to go to the starting town in Harvestella, Lethe Village. The second building on the right is the general store, which offers the fishing guide for 800 grilla, which is the currency within Harvestella. Once players have purchased the fishing guide, which can be accomplished by day 2 depending on how well players are managing their money, players will receive the ability to fish without needing to find a fishing pole. This unlocks fishing on all maps, whether players find themselves in a dungeon or simply enjoying the weather at Bird’s Eye Brae.

How to fish in Harvestella

Fishing in Harvestella is relatively straightforward, but there are a few mechanics that new anglers will want to be aware of. When dropping the rod into the water, the bobber will start to move up and down to notify players that there are fish in the water. Once a white splash is seen, press the action button to pull the rod up and catch the fish. Unique fish will spawn in most regions, meaning players should always be willing to dip a rod into the water for future cooking or to turn a quick profit.

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The fish encyclopedia of Harvestella

After catching a fish at a specific location, it may scare other fish away, meaning a longer time between pulls — this effect makes it worthwhile to change the location often during fish-centric adventures. There are a total of 58 different fish species in Harvestella, and catching them all will require both patience and a spirit for adventure. Players can check to see how far they are in their fish compendium by pausing the game, and scrolling to the Encyclopedia tab, then scrolling down to ‘Fish.’

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