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How to reroll in Street Fighter Duel

Will the odds be in your favor?

Street Fighter Duel is filled with many iconic characters from the popular Capcom franchise. You can unlock most of them through a gacha mechanic that will give you random characters with each roll. Unfortunately, this means that some of the characters you acquire may not be the ones you want. If this is a particular problem you’ve been struggling with, here’s how you can reroll in the game.

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Street Fighter Duel reroll guide — How do you reroll

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To reroll in Street Fighter Duel, you will need to head to a different server within the game. To do this, simply tap on your portrait on the home screen and hit the Select Server button on the bottom right side of the window. You will then be given several server choices, and selecting a new one will essentially allow you to start your journey all over again.

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Once you’re on the new server, the tutorial process starts all over again, and you will have to choose between either Ken and Ryu initially. After you’ve finished stages 1-12, you will be able to draw members for your team, including a new A or B-class character.

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If you’re still unsatisfied with what you drew, then you’ll have to repeat the process all over again on a different server. You also won’t need to log in using different accounts, as you can simply use the one that you currently have.

With that said, we recommend sticking it out with the initial roll you get because you’ll get plenty of opportunities to draw other characters down the line. The tasks, missions, and especially the events all give out decent amounts of Gems that you can use, so we suggest checking and completing those whenever you can.

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