How to rescue Biscuit in Hogwarts Legacy

Pay attention to the name.

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Rescuing magical beasts is just one of the many tasks that you can undertake as you explore the world of Hogwarts Legacy. Some of the beasts found throughout the world are difficult to catch while others are special creatures that can only be found during specific side quests. Biscuit is one of the creatures that you can only obtain if you complete the right quest. Even then, you aren’t going to be able to keep her. Instead, you need to return her to her rightful owner. This guide will show you how to rescue Biscuit in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to find Biscuit in Hogwarts Legacy

After you have completed the first trial and met Sebastian in Feldcroft for the first time, you will be able to find a side quest in Hogsmeade called Take the Biscuit. During this quest, a goblin by the name of Garnuff will ask you to rescue his Mooncalf named Biscuit who was kidnapped by poachers. This quest will lead you to the northeastern part of the map near the Floo Flame fast travel point called East North Ford Bog.

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When you reach the camp, you will have multiple dark wizards to deal with. Once they are defeated, turn your attention to the large cage filled with Mooncalf. When you open the cage, all of the Mooncalf will run out but they won’t run very far. You will need to look at them and figure out which one is Biscuit which is actually pretty simple.

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Biscuit stands out from the rest of the Mooncalves in the cage thanks to her white fur and black spots. She is the only oddly colored Mooncalf in the bunch. If you need more help, you can also identify Biscuit by targeting each Mooncalf and looking at the name that appears at the top of the screen. Normal Mooncalves will just have the name Mooncalf while the one you are searching for will say Biscuit. Once you spot Biscuit, simply catch her like you would a normal Mooncalf by using a spell like Arresto Momentum along with your Nab-Sack. After she is caught, bring her back to Garnuff for your reward.