How to respec your character and skills in Nioh 2

Mistakes were made.

Nioh 2

As you play through Nioh 2, get to grips with the combat system, and refine your fighting style, you may decide that some of your attribute and skill points were poorly spent. It’s okay, you are not trapped with a particular build, and there is a way to respec your character and trying something new. An item called the Book of Reincarnation can be used to reset all your level-ups and your skills points.

Where to get the Book of Reincarnation

To get Books of Reincarnation, you will need to rescue the Blacksmith during the game’s second mission, A Beast Born of Smoke and Flames. Play through the mission until you encounter Ippon-Datara, then defeat the demon in battle. Move down the nearby ladder, and you will find a cave. Here you will find a young woman called Toyo, a blacksmith. 

After speaking to her, you will be able to find the Blacksmith option on the world map when you click on Starting Point. Under the Buy option, you will be able to find Books of Reincarnation for 10,000 gold. This is a lot, so make sure you only buy one if you are sure about what new build you wish to spec into.

There does not appear to be an upper limit on how many Books of Reincarnation you can buy, but they do increase in price each time, so multiple respecs become a costly habit.

One essential thing to keep in mind is that you earn skill points with weapons by using that type of weapon. If you respec your character, it will reset all the skills for that weapon, but you cannot transfer those skill point to another weapon. Instead, you will need to use the new weapon in combat to earn skill points for it.