How to restart a game in PGA Tour 2K23

Let’s start from the top, or can we?

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Not every round of golf is going to go your way. Golf is a challenging sport to master, and that can ring true in 2K’s simulation golf game, PGA Tour 2K23. If things, though, are going really bad, you might be looking to try to start fresh and restart the round all the way to the beginning. But is that possible in PGA Tour 2K23? It is and isn’t, so let’s go over the directions and what you can’t do in 2K23.

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How to start a “New Match” in PGA Tour 2K23

To restart a local game in PGA Tour 2K23, go to the ‘Casual’ tab at the Main Menu. This can be found by way of toggling through LT/RT or L1/R1, depending on the platform. From there, select ‘Local Match.’ These are the same direction one would follow to play a regular, offline round of 18 holes.

Upon selecting A/X to begin or resume a game, select the ‘New Match’ option. That will reset whatever progress was made in the prior game and start a fresh round.

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MyCareer games, on the other hand, are a different story. Since MyCareer utilizes an auto-save feature when playing, you’ll need to go MyCareer and reset the mode in its entirety. Unless things are pretty dire in MyCareer, or you just started and want a mulligan, it might be best to just play the ball as things go and just move on from any mistakes.