How to restore gravity in Hala’s Hope in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Don’t touch the green button.

Screenshot by Gamepur

At the beginning of Chapter 7, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy find themselves in low-gravity and need to get back on the ground. Rocket proceeds to tell you to bring back the power. Here’s how to restore gravity in Hala’s Hope.

You are first in the air in the middle of a large anti-gravity room after Cosmo helps transport you to Hala’s Hope. To find out more about what happened to the crew, you need to restore the gravity around Starlord and his crew. Holding the cross button (A on Xbox or B on Switch), go forward. The rest of the controls are on the bottom right of the screen. You’ll find a large yellow door with two green lights, one on each side. Interact with it and you’ll be tasked to acquire a working battery.

Now, turn around and use the visor to scan potential batteries that would help you restore the gravity in the room. Look for an object with a yellow outline towards the other side of the area. It’s to the right of an electrical hazard.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve found the battery, pick it up and take it back to the large yellow door. Insert it into the right conduit. After that, a cutscene will play out. Starlord will acquire a new ability within his guns that give him electrical capabilities. At the right moment, move the analog sticks inwards and press R1. You’ll save all the Guardians and restore the gravity.

You’ll be facing many more puzzles in this game as you’re almost halfway through Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Stay cool.