How to revive Trebhum in The Eternal Cylinder

Gain more friends.


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Throughout your journey in The Eternal Cylinder, you’ll encounter loads of new Trebhum friends to pick up and bring along with you. There’s safety in numbers, and nothing is safer than running away from The Eternal Cylinder together. However, sometimes you’ll encounter Trebhum that have seen better days. This guide explains how you can help revive these Trebhum and gain a few more members of your family.

How to revive Trebhum

Occasionally, you’ll find a Trebhum who is exhausted or hurt. They’ll be lying on the ground, breathing slowly and looking like they need a big hug. To revive them, you need to give them a specific amount of knowledge. You can pick knowledge up by hoovering it up in Elder Temples as you explore the world.

Once you’ve given the exhausted Trebhum their knowledge, they’ll jump up, and you’ll be able to rename them so that they become part of your family. This will add the Trebhum to your small tribe, and you’ll be able to swap over to them if you want to control them at any time. It’s important to know that you won’t have enough knowledge to revive each Trebhum you come across unless you hoover it up when you find it. Elder Temples are particularly rich sources of knowledge, but you can find it in other locations as well.