How to roll in Minecraft Dungeons

Get out of the way and avoid damage, and make it across chasms.

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Minecraft Dungeons is a different adventure from the traditional Minecraft experience. It’s a dungeon-crawling game where you and a bunch of friends venture into a unique location and attempt to loot as many things as possible, adding new equipment and weapons to your loadout. Because it’s an action-adventure game, you can roll, and you can do it from multiple directions.

The standard roll button in the game varies on the hardware you’re using. For PC players, you need to hit the Space Bar button. For those playing on a console, it’s the RB-button, and this could vary depending on the type of console you use.

Before doing the roll, you want to make sure you’re facing the direction you want to go with it. Any direction you face or are going with your Minecraft Dungeons character dictates the roll, so make sure it’s away from enemies and don’t fall off a cliff.

Practicing and utilizing the use of a roll is important. It’s a great way to ensure you don’t have to readily use health potions all of the time while playing the game. The more often you roll, the less time you spend attempting to keep yourself healed. You can even use the roll to jump across chasms to earn loot that’s far out of reach.