How to sabotage in Among Us

Become the best Imposter you can be with sabotages!

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Sabotaging in Among Us is one of the greatest tools in the imposter’s arsenal. With sabotages, you create opportunities for yourself and your fellow imposter to get kills and create confusion among the crewmates. Here is how to use each sabotage effectively.


The doors are the simplest form of sabotage. Simply click on the door icon, and all rooms on the map that share the icon will have their doors closed. This is useful for locking down a kill on a runaway crewmate and buying time to reposition via the vents after killing someone in a locked-off room.


Communications can be useful sabotage, which often goes overlooked, in favor of the lights or reactor. Communications hide all tasks from the crewmates, disables vitals, cameras, and administration tools. Suppose that one player has been camping on the cameras all game, preventing you from getting easy kills. Sabotage on the cameras makes crewmates lose vision and credibility if they claim they were on cameras during meetings. The communications fix is a bit tricky, so you can delay the repair while using the excuse that it is hard to do.


Oxygen, or O2, is critical sabotage, meaning if the Crewmates don’t fix this issue in time, they will lose the game. This is solved by entering codes in two different locations on the map. You can activate this sabotage and prevent players from entering into the pin pad location, winning the game. This strategy does not play out well if there are many Crewmates left alive.


This is another critical sabotage; however, in this case, two Crewmates need to activate panels at the same time to prevent a meltdown. If both panels aren’t activated by Crewmates in time, the Imposters will win. You can use this to your advantage by waiting in one section of the Reactor for another crewmate to come and kill them while they try to activate the panel. Of course, if a body is reported, the meltdown is canceled.


Lights are the most useful sabotage in the entire game. With the lights turned off, Crewmates have almost no vision of what is happening around them. If the lights are turned off, Imposters still have vision and can freely kill Crewmates even in front of others. A good way to get an easy kill is to find a large group of Crewmates, sabotage the lights, kill a Crewmate, and play dumb once the body is reported.

Keep in mind, if you have been discovered and the Crewmates are waiting to vote you out, hit use critical sabotage like reactor and O2, or lights, which prevents any emergency meetings from taking place. During this time, your kill timer may run down, and you can secure one last kill. One thing to keep in mind is that O2 and reactor sabotage will be canceled if a body is reported. If a Crewmate reports a body while the lights have been sabotaged, the lights will remain off even after the meeting.