How to sell pins in NEO: The World Ends With You

Get rid of those commons!

Image via Square Enix

Pins are very valuable in the strange universe of NEO: The World Ends With You. As you take down foes across Tokyo, you’ll be given a bunch of extra pins you won’t need or those based on currency, but how do you sell them and become richer? Here’s a short but sweet guide on how to make some cash for your valiant adventure.

As you beat wave upon wave of enemies, you’ll see in the rewards screen that pins that have a certain value will be added to your inventory. Those can be redeemed for the number of Yen specified by the item name. Once you’re out of battle, reach a shop (which is available on Day 3) by pressing the cross or A button around a green hub with a shopping cart. This won’t work in restaurants, unfortunately.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’re on the menu for the shop, press triangle or X on your controller. The first few pins on the list will be the redeemable cash from the clerk. You can then select the attack-oriented pins you want to sell. If you have, for example, 27 different Just Up Ahead pins, you can sell as many as you’d like, but we’d recommend keeping one just in case. The number is displayed on the bottom right of each pin.

Now that you have the cash to spend, use it to buy new clothes and better dishes in the Tokyo area to upgrade your characters’ statistics.