How to set up 2FA in Genshin Impact – 2 Factor Authentication guide

Protect your account.

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Genshin Impact has introduced 2FA, or 2 Factor Authentication, to add further protections to player accounts. This is a highly requested feature for players who fear losing their accounts, progress, and characters to hackers.

Setting up 2FA is quite easy to do, and is highly recommended. It can be done on PC and Mobile but is not available on PlayStation. Part of this is the added security of a PlayStation account in the first place.

How to set up 2FA in Genshin Impact

Setting up 2FA in Genshin Impact is easy to do, simply follow the below steps:

  • Go to your miYoHo account
  • Log in to the account you wish to activate 2FA on
  • Go to the account management tab
  • Input an email address or mobile number for the account

Now, when you attempt to log on, a separate code will be sent to the address or mobile number that you assigned to the account. You will, however, no longer be able to unlink your email address without the relevant code.

What is 2FA

Two Factor Authentication is best viewed as a backup six-digit password that will be randomly generated and sent to you when you try to log in. Should someone manage to get your password and email, and log in pretending to be you, they will be asked for an additional code. This code is sent to you, by a method of your choosing. Without the code, the other person would be unable to prove that their attempt to log in was authorized, so they would not be able to do so.