How to Shiny Hunt using the Poké Radar in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Edward Cullen, eat your heart out.

Image via Nintendo

Random luck is great but earning your first shiny is a feeling like non-other. With more deterministic methods than ever, Trainers are getting into the hunt. We’re teaching you how to Shiny Hunt using the Poké Radar in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Before you start, you’ll need to become the champion, obtain Poké Radar, and get the Chain App from your first visit to Ramanas Park. 

Screenshot by Gamepur

Select the Pokémon you’d like to hunt and check your Pokédex to see where it spawns. This only works for Pokémon that spawn in grass patches. Prepare your team with a Pokémon that knows False Swipe to make sure Pokémon never faint from your attacks. Plan for the weather, self-damaging moves, or anything that the wild Pokémon can do to ruin your hunt. Turn off auto-save as it will ruin this method.

Things that break your chain:

  • Wild Pokémon encounters
  • Leaving a Route
  • Trainer battles
  • Getting on your bike
  • Encountering a different Pokémon
  • Entering the Grand Underground

When the Poké Radar starts, four patches of grass will shimmy and shake. Find the patch that is farthest from you; look for four squares away. Step into the patch and catch the Pokémon. You have an 83% chance to continue your chain when entering a grass patch, four spaces away, and knocking the Pokémon out. You have a 93% chance to continue your chain if you catch it. Repeat Balls will be your best friend here but throw a Quick Ball on the first turn no matter what you’re catching. If your chain breaks, turn off the game and turn it back on. This will make none of the Poké Balls you’ve used go to waste and save you money. Sleep is the best status condition to inflict, as it makes catching easier. Paralysis is a close second, but default to sleep when you can.

Super Repels, which prevents wild Pokémon encounters, is the best option because Max Repels only provides 50 more steps for an extra 200 Poké Dollars. When you reach a chain of 40 or more, your shiny odds become 1 in 99. If you don’t like a patch of grass at any point in your hunt, run 50 steps, without entering a patch, to recharge the Poké Radar and use it again. The Counter App can help you keep track. This patch reset method is all you need to do once you hit your 40 chains. If you see a patch of grass that is shaking wildly, ignore it, that’s a patch that has a high chance for Pokémon with Hidden Abilities. Reset grass patches until you find a shaking patch of grass that sparkles and catch your shiny.