How to shoot in FIFA 22

Take the shot, take the shot.

Image from EA Sports

It’s not hard to figure out the objective in football: score more goals than the opposing teams. But in order to do that in FIFA 22, you’ll need to know how to shoot the ball. So, what controls do you need to know, in order to shoot in FIFA 22? Let’s go over the inputs.

There are a number of different controller settings in FIFA 22. Each has its own shoot control input.

Here’s how to shoot the ball if you are using the three main settings: classic, alternate, or two button:

  • Classic Controller Setting – B/Circle
  • Alternate – X/Square
  • Two Button – B/Circle

For finesse shots, press RB/R1 + B/Circle(PS5). To hold and shoot, press B or Circle(PS5). If you hold the shoot button, this will make the ball go faster and higher. So, the longer you hold the button, the harder and higher the shot will be.

For the classic settings, there are also a number of other shot options. Those are as follows:

  • Chip Shot – LB/L1 + B/Circle
  • Finesse Shot – RB/R1 + B/Circle
  • Low Shot/Downward Header – LB/L1 + RB/R1 + B/Circle
  • Fake Shot + B/Circle, then A/X + Direction

If you are using the alternate settings, all the inputs above are about the same. Just substitute B/Circle with X/Square.