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How to show your XYZ coordinates in Minecraft

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Knowing your location in Minecraft is an important factor to keep in mind when exploring and gathering resources. Knowing how to get home safely while out adventuring will keep you from losing many items you fought hard to get. Being able to get back to interesting locations will be important to you as well. Following maps can be irritating, so instead, we recommend using coordinates. Here is how to show your XYZ coordinates in Minecraft.

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How to display your coordinates in Minecraft

Seeing your coordinates in Minecraft will vary depending on the edition you are playing on. One will have it displayed at all times via cheats, while the other needs you to toggle a bunch of information to see.

When you are looking at your coordinates, X is your eastern and western number, Y is your elevation, and Z is your northern and southern number.

How to show coordinates on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

For the Bedrock Edition, you will need to switch the Show Coordinates setting to on. You can toggle this option on or off as many times as you want in the Game Settings. Originally, this was considered a cheat and would disable achievements, but it no longer does.

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How to see coordinates on Minecraft: Java Edition

In Java, there is no cheat option like in Bedrock. Instead, you will put in a command that will teleport you exactly where you are already standing. The game will then display where you are. Press T to bring up the in-game chat and input /tp ~ ~ ~. The game will tell you where you are then.

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You can also open the Debug Menu and find your coordinates, but a lot of information will be on the screen at once. All you need to do is press F3 and look towards the middle left portion of the screen to find the XYZ Coordinate section. Press F3 again to make the Debug Menu go away.

Java XYZ
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