How to sign up for the Dungeons 4 closed beta

Being a villain is way more fun.

Image via Kalypso Media

Dungeons 4 is holding a closed beta for players to become their own villains. Ahead of its official release, developer Kalypso Media Group posted an application looking for players to join in the villainy. Those who are selected gain exclusive access to Dungeons 4 for a limited time. However, for all those evildoers who seek to apply, doing so can be tricky. Here’s how to sign up for the Dungeons 4 closed beta.

How to apply for the Dungeons 4 closed beta

Kalypso’s villain-seeking job application is their way of asking for villains to join their ranks. Potential villains are asked to fill out the form with their information starting with a good email address. The next part requires additional steps. Interested parties must first have a Discord username and ID. Only users with a Discord name are allowed to be a part of the Dungeons 4 closed beta. Kalypso says it is required so players can provide feedback through a specific Discord channel on the Kalypso server.

Once a user has a Discord name, they can move on to the next steps of the application. Prospective villains must provide their country of origin, the preferred platform they would like Dungeons 4 on, and answer if they have played a Dungeons game in the past. The final step asks if players have played other similar games to the Dungeons series.

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Players selected will receive an NDA they must accept in order to join the closed beta. Once that is agreed to, they will be given a Steam or Microsoft Store key for Dungeons 4.

The application to apply closes on January 15 with the closed beta itself starting on January 24 and ending on February 7. Dungeons 4 launches for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, and Nintendo Switch in 2023.