How to sleep in Medieval Dynasty

Get some well earned rest.

Medieval Dynasty

If you have been looking with envy at all the beds your fellow villagers get to sleep in, wondering how you can get some sleep yourself, then fear not. It’s actually very easy to sleep in Medieval Dynasty, even without a house. As fun as Medieval Dynasty is, being in early access means it leaves some things unexplained, so here is some important information about getting sleep in the game.

The two ways to sleep in Medieval Dynasty are either building a house and getting access to a bed or building a campfire. A house is a long process to build, and you are unlikely to get it finished before night falls on your first day. This leaves the campfire as your best option.

To build a campfire, hit the Q button to bring up the crafting wheel. Now, select the “Other” section and then select the “Campfire” option. You will only have the Simple Campfire as an option when you start, and you will need 16 Sticks to build it. Look at the campfire and hit E to light it with your torch, then hold E to bring up the sleep option. 

You will also be able to sleep in your house when you build it, but campfires are very useful when you are out hunting, and might be quite far away from your house or village. When you finish building your house, it will be furnished with a bed, and you can sleep in it by interacting with it using the E button.