How To Solve All Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 is full of collectibles and puzzles, and this guide covers where you can find and solve each Nursery Rhyme in Cauldron Lake.


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The Nursery Rhymes are one of the several collectibles you can find while playing Alan Wake 2. There are several Nursery Rhymes that you can track down while exploring Cauldron Lake, one of the first areas in Alan Wake 2.

The Nursery Rhymes are easy to find, but solving the riddles and stories centered around them can be tricky. Not only will you need to solve the riddles, but you need to figure out what dolls you need and where to place them on the drawings. Here’s what you need to know about how to solve all Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2.

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All Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhymes & How to Solve Them in Alan Wake 2

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You’ll be able to track down the location of these Nursery Rhymes by noticing a note in the middle, surrounded by several pictures. When you approach the Nursery Rhyme site, you can interact with it to read the riddle written on the note, and you’ll have to place the various dolls you find along the way. Many of the dolls are typically near the Nursery Rhyme site, or were used in previous rhymes you may have already completed in Alan Wake 2. Every time you complete a Nursery Rhyme, make sure to grab the dolls before leaving for the next area.

You’ll have a chance to explore this region while investigating the previously flooded area in Alan Wake 2. The Nursery Rhymes are another form of collectible, similar to the Cult Stashes and Lunchboxes you’ll find at Cauldron Lake.

Whenever you complete a Nursery Rhyme, you’ll earn a Charm. These Charms are helpful passives that Saga can acquire as she plays through Alan Wake 2, making it more difficult for enemies to take her down, and she becomes more powerful, based on your preferred playstyle.

These are where you can find every Nursery Rhyme at Cauldron Lake in Alan Wake 2, and how to solve them.

Nursery Rhyme LocationNursery Rhyme SolutionDollsDescription
Crow DollThis is one of the first Nursery Rhymes you can find, to the west of the Private Cabin. Make sure to grab the Crow Doll on the picnic table and then place it on the Sun icon to solve the rhyme.
Hero Doll & Wolf DollWhen you reach the northwest part of Cauldron Lake, there’s a Nursery Rhyme outside the Witchfinder’s Station. Head to the top floor of the house, and look for the Hero and Wolf doll inside the bedroom. Return to the Nursery Rhyme, and place the Hero Doll on the Boat drawing, and then the Wolf Doll on the forest to solve the rhyme.
Crow, Hero, & Wolf DollsThere is a third Nursery Rhyme next to the Private Cabin that you can find on your way back to the parking lot. For the solution, place the Crow doll on the egg icon, the Hero doll on the heart icon, and the Wolf doll on the house Icon. After you complete this, in the forest, you’ll hear a crash, and a bird nest will fall, indicating you’ve completed the rhyme.
Nursery-Rhyme-location-3-at-Cauldron-Lake-in-Alan-Wake-2Nursery-Rhyme-Cauldron-Lake-solution-in-Alan-Wake-2Crow, Monster, and HeroYou’ll be able to reach this area after you unlock the boltcutter. After you reach the Rental Cabins, go through the second one to reach the backyard, and then proceed to the right. There is a Nursery Rhyme in the fourth house. To complete the riddle, place the Monster on the bird, the Crow on the eye, and the Hero on the ring symbol.