How to solve the Castle Labyrinth Puzzle in Resident Evil Village – Flower Swords Ball location

A crystalized prize.

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There are four labyrinths for you to complete in Resident Evil Village. These labyrinths contain skulls covered in crystals, and they can be yours when you solve the puzzle. The labyrinth inside of Castle Dimitrescu requires the Flower Swords ball. You can go after this item after you’ve survived your encounter with Lady Dimitrescu, and she is now hunting you throughout the castle, and you have her key.

You need to make your way over to the Opera Hall, on the northwest portion of the map. You can access this area of the castle once you have Dimitrescu’s key, which you acquire by progressing through the story. Use the key on the door, and make your way inside of the Opera Hall. The ball is on the second floor of the building, in a small box to the left of a window.

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Once you have the ball, you can continue through the area to collect more items or choose to return to the Merchant’s Room. It’s the room Duke is in, at the front of the castle next to the Hall of the Four. Inside the Merchant’s Room, you can use the Flower’s Sword ball on the labyrinth and attempt to solve the game.

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The next goal is to rotate the ball through the miniature castle and make it to the bottom. At the center of the labyrinth are three holes. You need to avoid these three holes to roll the ball directly at the center building, which is glowing. When you’ve made it there, the ball will go in, and you can claim your prize.

The red crystal skull you receive is a valuable, and you can sell it to Duke for 8,000 Lei.