How to solve the first Elder Temple in The Eternal Cylinder

Find your first Elder.


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As you explore the world of The Eternal Cylinder, you’ll start to come across structures built for the Trebhum called Elder Temples. The first one is located next to the giant whale worm creature that emerged from the sea and has become stuck on a rock nearby. The door is underneath its head. In this guide, we’ll explain how to solve the Elder Temple so you can continue with your journey.

How to solve the first Elder Temple

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The first hurdle you’ll encounter with this Elder Temple is getting inside. You need to have three Trebhum in your party, and you may only have two if you didn’t explore thoroughly enough earlier on. You can find a third Trebhum in the snowy biome nearby, but you’ll need to adapt to be able to survive the harsh environment first.

Once you’ve found and acquired your third Trebhum, you can jump on the platform outside of the Elder Temple door and open it. Follow the path inside and suck up all the knowledge that you can. It’s coating the walls and looks like a shiny lichen. Eventually, you’ll come to a glowing wall with a square underneath. You need to open this wall to progress.

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First, interact with the statue of the square Trebhum to open the door to your right. Go inside, and you’ll see some more statues. Next, you need to stand in the puddles that these statues are in and shoot the square organic food on the wall. It will drop, and then you can hoover it up and eat it. When you eat it, you’ll transform into a square.

Now you can go back to the glowing wall and enter it, where the square shape is at the bottom. This will trigger the wall to open, and you can meet an Elder Trebhum. From here, you’ll be able to leave and access more of the world.

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