How to solve the Prisoner of Love puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Richard Jackdaw isn’t a great puzzle maker.

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Hogwarts and the surrounding areas are filled with puzzles for you to discover and solve in Hogwarts Legacy. Often, these puzzles will grant you new gear, but other times, you need to get through them just to progress to the next area. During the Prisoner of Love quest, you will encounter Rickard Jackdaw’s puzzle inside an old vault. Play your cards right, and you can get past this puzzle and to the note on the other side. This guide will show you how to solve the Prisoner of Love Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Richard Jackdaw’s puzzle solution guide

The Prisoner of Love quest is one of the many main story quests you will need to complete as you progress through Hogwarts Legacy. Like other quests, you will need to solve a puzzle if you want to complete it. Near the end of the quest, you will need to travel to the vault where Jackdaw’s book can be found. Blocking the book is a puzzle that will remove the large beams filling the doorway.

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Solving this puzzle can seem rather tricky, but it is actually quite simple. To solve it, all you need to do is use the Revelio spell by pressing the left button on the D-Pad if you are on console. Using this spell will make some of the handles on the wall glow blue. Use the Accio spell on the glowing handles to pull them out of the wall.

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There is no need to pull the handles in a specific order, just pull them all, and the beams blocking the doorway will move out of the way. With the beams gone, you can access the room and complete the quest. When you leave the vault, you will be visited by Richard Jackdaw, who will be surprised that somebody finally managed to solve his puzzle. Now you can go on to solve other puzzles like the Bell Tower puzzle.