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How to get the Antechamber chest in Hogwarts Legacy

Some chests are difficult to obtain.

There are plenty of secrets hidden within the castle in Hogwarts Legacy, and some of them require you to enter areas you aren’t supposed to go. There is a chest hidden deep within the castle in an area known as the Antechamber. Miss this chest, and you will need to backtrack quite a ways to get open it in the future. Fortunately, getting the contents of this chest is quite simple if you know what you are doing. This guide will show you how to get the Antechamber chest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to reach the Antechamber chest in Hogwarts Legacy

Not long into the game, you will be contacted by Professor Fig to talk about what you discovered in Gringotts bank at the start of the game. The two of you will agree that you must access the Forbidden Section in the library. Shortly after, you gather the aid of Sebastian to help get you in. As you explore the Forbidden Section, you will find your way to the area known as the Antechamber. This dark area is filled with threats, so be on your guard.

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After progressing through the Antechamber to the third room, you will see a chest with a rather large gap separating you from it. Unfortunately, you can’t just jump the gap to get the chest, and you definitely can’t use Accio to summon it to your side. Instead, you can easily get it by backtracking a little bit.

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Instead of trying to walk across the gap from where the chest is, go to the area to the left of it, and you will see a pathway start to form. Walk slowly and follow the pathway that forms to reach the chest. The pathway will snake around to the chest, granting you access to its contents. You should end up getting a piece of gear from the chest. Once retrieved, you can continue through the chamber like normal. If you missed this chest, you can go back to the Antechamber at any time by going back through the Restricted Section of the library.

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