How to solve the Special Chambers Puzzle in Castle Dimistrescu in Resident Evil Village

An expensive prize.

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The Special Chambers Puzzle in Resident Evil Village can be tricky. You’ll find this room in the basement portion of Castle Dimistrescu, and the only way to access it is to get the Iron Insignia key. You’ll be able to do this following a major confrontation with Lady Dimistrescu, and you gain access to her key.

When you have the Iron Insignia key, make your way down into the basement of the castle. You can do this by making your way through the Dining Room and then through the Kitchen. The entrance to the basement will be in this direction and downstairs. Once you’re down here, there will be several ghouls protecting the Special Chambers, and you’ll have to fight your way through them. They’re nothing you haven’t already battled before.

After those enemies are finished, you can find the Special Chamber in the far back on the right side of the basement’s first room.

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When you enter the basement, there will be two hanging braziers and a crypt surrounded by spikes. You cannot access the crypts unless you lower the spikes, and the only way to lower them is to light the braziers. There’s no source of fire in the room, except for a distinctly orange light on the left side of the room. You need to break that wall down using a pipe bomb. You can do that by crafting one or using the pipe bomb provided to you on the right side of the room.

Once the wall has crumbled, it’s a similar puzzle to the one you have to complete in the Hall of War. By standing next to the brazier on the left side of the room, you can guide it towards the fire to light it. You can then repeat the process for the one on the right side, and both will light up, lowering the spikes. The tricky part is exchanging fire between the two braziers. We had the most success by knocking the brazier with fire away from the middle, waiting until it swung back towards the center of the room, and then rushing the unlit brazier to the middle.

When you open the crypt, you acquire the Azure eye, and you can place it on the silver ring to sell to Duke for a large sum of money. You can only do this if you have not already sold the silver ring.