How to solve the West Hogwarts Valley Bandit Camp Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy

Where’s that last runic boulder?

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In Hogwarts Legacy, Merlin Trials are puzzles and challenges that the scholars of the Harry Potter universe believe were set up by the uber-wizard himself, Merlin, when he was a Slytherin at Hogwarts. There are nine different types of Merlin Trial, and they’re generally simple, but not necessarily easy. In many cases, you have to find a number of objects in the vicinity of the Merlin Trial itself. There’s usually one object that’s harder to find than all the others, even with the help of the Revelio spell. The Merlin Trial at the medium Bandit Camp next to the West Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame is one of those Merlin Trials.

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How to complete the Merlin Trial near the West Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame

Starting at the West Hogwarts Valley, head southwest and follow the path up the mountainside until you reach a Bandit Camp. You can fight the enemies here if you want, but you can cast Disillusionment and sneak through to the Merlin Trial, next to an unguarded tower at the back of the camp.

In this Merlin Trial, you have to use a powerful damage spell, such as Confringo, to destroy the five large runic boulders in this area. Destroying them is simple enough, but finding them all isn’t so easy.

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The first boulder is behind the tower, to the west of the Merlin Trial marker.

The second boulder is on the rocky ledge in front of the tower, among a few small trees.

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The third boulder is among some crates next to the path leading into the Bandit Camp itself.

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The fourth boulder is north of the Merlin Trial marker, on top of an even bigger boulder at the top of some stairs and at one end of the Bandit Camp’s bridge.

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The fifth boulder is the tricky one. In order to be able to see it and destroy it, you need to climb to the top of the tower, as it is on the cliff behind the tower.