Where to find Diricawls in Hogwarts Legacy

These birds move quickly.

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Diricawls are one of the handful of magical beasts you can find while playing Hogwarts Legacy. These creatures are tricky to track, but they’re extremely useful if you want to find them and have them stay with you in the Room of Requirement. There are a handful of locations you can visit them. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Diricawls in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to catch Diricawls and where to find them in Hogwarts Legacy

Diricawls are bird-like creatures you can find while playing Hogwarts Legacy. A good way to help narrow your search is to look south of Hogwarts, in the Hogwarts Valley portion of the map. You can find this location by zooming out of the larger map. When you find it, search the west side of Hogwarts Valley, alongside the mountain. You can find a Diricawls den to the southwest of the Central Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame fast travel location, on top of a hill, to the south of the West Hogwarts Valley Floo Flames.

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When you reach this location, make sure to have your Nab-Sack spell ready. These birds are quick. We recommend adding the Arresto Momentum spell to your arsenal and casting it on the creatures before attempting to catch them. If you don’t, these quick-moving birds can potentially evade you, escaping your bag and making it difficult for you to catch them. Thankfully, there is a handful of Diricawels near these dens, giving you multiple attempts to try and catch them.

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You will need to catch at least one of these creatures to complete Professor Howin’s Assignment to learn the Bombarda spell, a powerful, destructive attack you can use in combat.