How to solve the West Manor Cape Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy

Here’s how to hit those braziers at long range.

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Completing Merlin Trials is essential if you want to expand your inventory in Hogwarts Legacy and get more slots to store all the gear you keep finding in chests and bags. The only way to get more gear slots is to hit milestones on the exploration challenge, ‘Complete Merlin Trials’. Fortunately, as soon as you’ve completed the Trials of Merlin main quest, you can attempt any of the Merlin Trials on the map, and there are nearly 100 of them. They’re not necessarily easy, though, and one of the trickier ones is on the rocky tip of West Manor Cape, a short distance north of the West Manor Cape Floo Flame.

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How to complete the West Manor Cape Merlin Trial

To solve the West Manor Cape Merlin Trial, you have to hit three braziers with a flame spell in quick succession. If you’re too slow, then the first brazier you light will have gone out by the time you hit the third brazier, and you’ll have to start again. The braziers are far apart in this challenge, so there’s no way Incendio is going to be good enough for this Merlin Trial, but if you’re exploring Manor Cape, you should have at least learned Confringo by now, which has a long enough range.

Not only are the braziers far apart from each other, but there are also many rocks around here blocking your lines of sight. The solution is to go all the way up to the stone gazebo west of the Merlin Trial marker. From this vantage point, you’ll be able to see and target all three braziers. Two of them will still be too far away to auto-target, though, so you’ll have to manually aim with L2/LT.

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The first brazier is very close to the Merlin Trial marker, to the northeast.

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The second brazier is right next to the stone gazebo.

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The third brazier is south of the stone gazebo, at the top of a short flight of garden stairs.