How to start a fantasy draft in Madden 23

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Even if you are the Detroit Lions or the New York Jets, it is possible to become an instant playoff contender in Madden 23 by doing a fantasy draft. The feature allows you to completely alter your team’s roster, as there are over 50 rounds and a selection pool that includes every NFL player. However, the option is tucked within layers of menus. Here’s how you can start a fantasy draft and what this feature contains in Madden 23.

Where to find the fantasy draft option in Madden 23

After you have chosen your new team to play with in Franchise, you will be brought to a Customize menu, allowing you to switch roles, settings, and your starting point. As shown below, click on “Starting Point” and the Fantasy Draft option will be underneath “Preseason.” This is a 54-round serpentine draft, meaning the draft order will be flipped after each round. So, if you begin with the first pick in round one, you will be picking last in round two, and so forth.

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Although picking every player for your team will usually take around 30 minutes, there is also an option to simulate all remaining rounds at any point in the draft. One issue some users may notice is that they will be well over their salary cap once their team is made, primarily due to drafting multiple star players with massive contracts. This can result in you losing these stars in as little as one simulated year, and you won’t be able to sign free agents. You can avoid this quite easily by disabling the salary cap option in the League Settings menu before beginning the draft.

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Additionally, custom rosters can be used in a fantasy draft, though they will need to be loaded in prior to beginning a new Franchise file. Once that’s done, you can then click on “Use Active Roster” when in Franchise to see your entire customized player pool during the draft.