How to start a LAN game on F1 2020

Back to the future of gaming.

F1 2020

Image via Codemasters

One of the coolest features of games in previous generations is the ability to LAN play with friends. This mode meant that those who wanted to play together in the same location but did not want to worry about the additional lag that comes with online gaming or have to game on the same screen as another player. With everyone connected to a single router by cable or connected to the same Wi-Fi network, it sets up a local connection that means minimal disruptions to your gaming sessions.

F1 2020 includes the ability to play in a LAN game for those households that own more than one copy of the game using the multiplayer mode specifically for LAN play. To get into a LAN game, head to the multiplayer tab, and there will be an option for a LAN game.

Here, there’s an option to join a game or to host one. You can either host a game for all of the other players to join or join one that another player is hosting. If joining a host, you should see a selection screen with servers open for you to join if they exist. Assuming that everything has been set-up correctly, you should be able to see the other person’s hosted server and join them immediately.

If you are finding that everything is set up correctly, but you are not seeing a host, or other players cannot see you while you are hosting, this could be caused by settings related to your router or modem that are causing players on the local network not to see each other. If problems persist even with a hardwired connection between all systems, it could be a sign of a hardware issue with the router or your gaming platform.

However, the game does not support crossplay, so if you are attempting to play a LAN game with different consoles, you will be unable to find each other.