How to start Fasnacht Day and the event times in Fallout 76

Fasnacht Day returns to Fallout 76

The Fasnacht Day event has returned to Fallout 76. The event started on May 27 and will continue until June 9. Previously, it was planned for the event to run for only a week, but because the game was offline for some time for players and things were not working properly, developer Bethesda has made it so players now have an additional week to earn the rewards.

For those looking to start the event, you need to find the Master of Ceremonies. You can find them in Helvetia. They’re in the center of town on the bridge connecting the two sections. After you speak to the Master of Ceremonies, you’ll have to see if a parade is ready to happen or if it’s on cooldown. If it’s on cooldown you’ll have to return at a later point to try and prepare for the parade.

A Fasnacht Day event is available every day, on the hour. That means you can do a Fasnacht Day event at least 24 times every day. You do need to be there on the hour, and if the event has already started, speak to the Master of Ceremonies to make sure you can receive the rewards at the end.

When the parade is ready to go, you need to gather up a variety of different supplies to prepare for it. These tasks include:

  • Exterminating honey beasts attacking the Honey Haus
  • Bringing old Fasnacht steins to the museum
  • Play some music onstage
  • Decorating the barn
  • Adding wood to the bonfire
  • Donating radtoad eggs to the pantry
  • Donating intestines from animals to the Butcher’s Cooler
  • Donating beeswax from the Honey Haus to the Candlemaker

After completing five of these tasks, the parade will start. Other players in the area will likely be assisting you in completing these tasks if they are attempting to create a parade at the same time. Once the parade is ready to go the Master of Ceremonies starts a small trek around the town. At the same time, various enemies attempt to attack those attending the parade, and you need to protect the robotic marchers.

Once the parade is over and the final enemy goes down, you can light the bonfire and speak to the Master of Ceremonies to receive your reward. It should be right next to the bonfire. You will receive better rewards the more robots that survive, so make sure all five make it to the end of the parade.