How to start the Guardian Games 2021 in Destiny 2

Who will win?

The Guardian Games has arrived in Destiny 2, pitting Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters against each other in a fight for the coveted number one spot, and bragging rights for the year.

To begin the games, players will need to open their Director and head for the Tower. Once there, they will find it looking dramatically different, as Eva is back, and the Guardian Games podium is in the center.

Make your way to Zavala on the far left, and speak with him. He will give a general introduction to the games, then offer you a class item. There will be three to choose from, all identical except for the element, so pick the one that suits you the best.

Now, make your way back to Eva and speak with her. She will offer you a Medal Case, and your first quest, which is to gather up 100 Laurels. Laurels can be earned by killing minibosses, and take out normal enemies with Supers, grenades, and melee abilities. The best place to earn Laurels is now in the new Guardian Games Playlist, as this will team you up with members of the same class, and you can earn extra Laurels as a group.