How to start the Hiromi Watch World Quest in Genshin Impact – Someone’s Drifting Bottle Location

The endless watch.

Inazuma is filled with World Quests for players to complete. Some of them are hidden away behind certain mechanics or items that you need to discover. One such quest is the Hiromi Watch quest. To start this quest rolling, you will need to find a very specific item first.

To begin this quest, you actually need to find an item in Dragonspine, all the way on the other side of the world. Players will need to make their way to the peninsula at the southeast of Dragonspine that juts out into the sea.

Here, they will find three different bottles, and when they collect them all they will have the item called Someone’s Drifting Bottle in their inventory, and this is required to start the Hiromi Watch world quest. You can see the exact locations of all three bottles on the map below.

It is only after collecting all three bottles that players will be able to start the world quest because only then will Hiromi begin to spawn in their game. Hiromi can be found at Inazuma City, down by the sea near a wooden bridge in the main city.

As long as you have the three bottles, you can head to the location shown on the map above, drop down to the beach at the foot of the cliff, and you will find Hiromi staring out across the sea. You can just interact with him to start the quest.