How to stop the fire inside Otto’s Workshop in Deathloop

Put out the flames.


Image via Bethesda

There’s a building called Otto’s Workshop in Updaam that you can visit in Deathloop. However, if you visit it anytime following the day’s noontime, it will be destroyed and full of fire. You can prevent this from happening by destroying certain electrical outlets throughout Updaam.

You can only do this activity in Updaam during the morning. You won’t be able to do it at any other time, as Otto’s Workshop will already be destroyed.

When you arrive inside the building, you’ll find five red cords leading to the machine at the center. Next, you’ll need to destroy the five electrical outlets that connect to those cords. There are two nearby. One is inside the workshop, right next to the machine, and the other is outside to the right of it. Destroy those two, and there will only be three left.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The next closest electrical box is on the second floor of the bakery. Cross the street, and destroy it. You should find it in the stairway hallway.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The next closest one will be underneath the library, on the bottom floor. Follow the red wire leading to the library, and it’ll take you straight to the entrance. There will be a sensor and turret protecting the entrance. You’ll want to hack both of them and proceed to the basement, sticking to the left side. There’s going to be a gold sentry enemy waiting there, which you also need to eliminate. To the left of that will be a sensor that you need to hack, the blue electrical outlet underneath it. Destroy it, and proceed to the last electrical box.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final box is right outside Colt’s flat. It’s on the building where Colt’s window is open. There should be a pair of enemies outside here. Eliminate them, and then destroy the outlet.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Otto’s Workshop won’t be on fire with the outlets destroyed the next time you visit it.