How to stow away on a ship in DogLife – We are Castaways Achievement

Come stow away, come stow away, come and stow away with me.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Living as a stray allows animals to do essentially anything they want to. In DogLife, you will interact with tons of animals as a stray and all the consequences that come with that. If you want to leave and find a new home, you can wander to a new street, but if you are looking for a more significant change of scenery, you can stow away on a ship. Here is how to do that and earn the We Are Castaways achievement in DogLife.

To be able to stow away on a ship, you will need to be a stray living on the street. To our knowledge, there are no opportunities to do this if you are in a household, a pet store, or an animal shelter. If you are starting up a new life as a dog, age yourself up a few times, and you will eventually get the option to go swim in the sewer in the Activities tab.

Once you get into the sewers, a minigame will start that will have you play a copy of Flappy Bird. As soon as you press the screen, be ready to push again to keep yourself in the air. You need to navigate your pet through the number of pipes without hitting the sides. We have seen the objective be between three and six pipes.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This minigame is a little more forgiving than Flappy Bird, so don’t worry too much about your taps. Also, if you do hit the side, just age up once, and you can try again. Complete the minigame, though, and you will be at a port where you will see a ship. Select to stow away, and you will be transported to a different country. If you choose to get off, you will start a new street life in that country. Stay on, and you will again have a new country you can go to.