Do house points matter in Hogwarts Legacy?

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House points and the house cup make an appearance in Hogwarts Legacy. These are important details for every Hogwarts student as it determines who will be crowned the best house for that year. Several times through the gameplay and narrative of Hogwarts Legacy, students and teachers will remark about the house cup and if a house receives points or not. Do the house points matter in Hogwarts Legacy, and do they do anything?

What do the house points do in Hogwarts Legacy?

Although a teacher might grant you, or another student, points for their respective houses, the house points do not matter. They’re narrative flavor text woven into the primary story and don’t have any direct gameplay mechanic you need to worry about. It’s an addition to the other pieces of Hogwarts lore and not something you need to try working on while playing Hogwarts Legacy.

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House points working in Hogwarts Legacy, explained

How house points works is all houses at Hogwarts compete to win the house cup, and the winner is announced at the end of the year. Teachers can grant students points for multiple reasons, from doing well in classes, helping around the castle, or doing unusual activities and challenges on the house grounds. Teachers can also take away house points as a form of punishment for the students, potentially preventing them from winning the big award at the end of the year.

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As the house points do not matter in Hogwarts Legacy, you do not need to worry about your character earning these points or if they can be taken away. This arrangement should give you more freedom to act as you want while playing Hogwarts Legacy and exploring the game to your heart’s content.