How to summon Bonehilda in The Sims 4: Paranormal

Bonehilda is back to clean up your life.

Bonehilda makes her triumphant return to The Sims 4 in the Paranormal Stuff Pack. Originally introduced to the series in the original games Makin’ Magic expansion, she also appeared in the Sim 3 and is now available in the Sim 4 for anyone who purchases the Paranormal Stuff Pack.

If you actually want to summon Bonehilda, there will be some hoops you need to jump through, so in this guide, we will give you a breakdown of the steps you need to take to summon this boney maid in your game.

Step 1: Get a Seance Table

The Seance Table is the most important item in the Paranormal Stuff Pack. You can get a standalone séance table in the Build/Buy catalog for $333 or a full set of a table, chairs, and crystal ball for $648. The table is the important part, but you will also need a chair to sit at it, so make sure you at least have a spare chair if you cannot go all-in on the fancy-looking full set.

Step 2: Increase your Medium level

Your Medium level is basically your paranormal skill level and will dictate what functions of the Seance Table you can use. You can increase your Medium level by using the Seance Table, and the more you use it, the more your powers will grow. You will need to get to Medium level 3 to be able to perform the ritual that will summon Bonehilda. You will need to perform a seance to summon, you cannot hire her the same way you could in previous games.

Step 3: Summon Bonhilda

Once you get strong enough and can perform the Summon Bonehilda action at the seance table, she will appear in your house and begin to take care of various household chores for you. Interestingly enough, it is possible to woohoo Bonehilda, adding an entirely different meaning to her name. For the most part, Bonehilda will do her work, hang around for a while afterward, then be on her way. You can summon her back any time you like.

You even have a chance to become Bonehilda yourself, when you take part in the Ghastly Ritual. This seance table action will normally turn you into a ghost for a few hours, but does have a chance to turn you into Bonehilda.