How to survive Alatreon’s Nova attack in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Survival of the fittest.

Image via Capcom

A title update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne surrounds the returning monster, Alatreon, and players are excitedly seeking out encounters with the new beast. The new monster comes with a new approach for players because Alatreon can switch between elemental forms, and does various elemental-based attacks, so make sure to increase your elemental resistances before attempting to fight it. The Alatreon also has a Nova attack, which does a massive amount of damage, and plenty of players are struggling with it. Here’s what we know about it, and what you need to do to stop it.

Straight out of the gate, you need to do your best to remove the Alatreon’s horns on top of its head. The horns increase the damage of the attack and should be your top priority as a group. It also allows Alatreon to switch between its Fire and Ice form. By taking out the horn early, you can prevent it from turning to its Ice form, and in its Ice form, you cannot weaken its Nova attack. But you can in its Fire and Dragon forms. If you’re only ever seeing Alatreon’s Ice Nova attack, you need to focus more on damaging the monster than healing or running around.

When it charges for the Nova attack, you want to attack it with the recommended element. For example, when in its Fire form, you want to use Ice attacks, and if it’s in Dragon form, you want to use Dragon attacks. The Nova attack its charge is a DPS check, so you want to spam it with as much damage to its current element form as often. Once Alatreon is about to perform the attack, an excellent way to help prevent being overpowered is by placing a health booster down on the ground. It should heal you over time and avoid the attack from outright destroying you during the battle. Astera Jerky is another good item to have on hand to help during the fight, but you should not prioritize it over the health booster.

Another excellent way to make sure you’re damaging Alatreon consistently rather than being tied up trying to heal yourself is increasing your overall elemental resistances. You can do this by having a vegetable-filled meal before setting out, so make sure to eat something with at least four to six vegetables.