How to take a picture of a strong person in The Good Life

Make the most of those hotwords.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Taking photos is how you’ll make a living in The Good Life. Each one you post online will generate Emokes from around the world, and those translate directly to cash for Naomi. However, if you want to make the most cash from your photos, you need to be following the daily hotwords. One of those hotwords relates to strong people, but it’s impossible to know who in the village is strong and who isn’t, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you get a picture of a strong person as fast as possible.

How to take a picture of a strong person

Screenshot by Gamepur

While there may be multiple strong people in The Good Life, there’s one who is close to Naomi’s house, allowing you to snap a photo and upload it as fast as possible, netting you the most Emokes and, therefore, the most cash. This character is Douglas McAvoy. You can find him down on the road leading to the village that runs parallel to the one that Naomi lives on.

Douglas McAvoy can be found at his business, McAvoy Construction, every day. He’s the person you’ll go to when you need materials for quests, changing up Naomi’s house, or when you want some serious gardening work done. To make the most Emokes possible, run down and take a picture of him as soon as you see the strong person hotword. Then, run back to Naomi’s home, or warp there from the world map, and upload the image. Delete any image with under 100 Emokes if you need to make space. This will ensure you make the most cash from the hotword while you go out and complete some quests.