How to take part in the Pom Pom’s Galaxy Travel Guide event for Honkai: Star Rail

Jump at a chance to win a slot for the final closed beta, or other prizes.

Image via HoYoverse

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Ahead of the Honkai: Star Rail final closed beta, there is going to be an event called Pom Pom’s Galaxy Travel Guide. All players have the chance to participate in this event. The first 500 players to reach Xianzhou at the end have a chance to win a PlayStation 5, a slot for the final closed beta, and several other prizes. Here’s what you need to know about how to take part in Pom Pom’s Galaxy Travel Guide event in Honkai: Star Rail.

How Pom Pom’s Galaxy Travel Guide event works in Honkai: Star Rail

You will need to go to the official Honkai: Star Rail website, where the Pom Pom’s Galaxy Travel Guide is being held. On this page, there will be a join link for you to jump into the event, and there is also a list of Event Rules every player needs to follow, along with the various prizes players might receive for participating in the event. You do need to log in using your HoYoverse account or create a new one to receive the prizes.

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The rules for the event require players to complete Daily Mission and Invitation missions to build up warp count. When they receive enough, they must click the “Warp GO!” button on the screen to propel the Express forward. The Astral Express will steadily progress, making several stops until it reaches Xianzhou.

All players receive 100 Trailblazer EXP for participating in the event, and for every 500 Trailblazer EXP players earn, there’s a chance for players to have one chance to draw for the Final Closed Beta participation slot, the PlayStation 5, or any of the other listed prizes for the event. You receive an additional chance to draw for any prizes for every stop you make at the notable landmarks.

Pom Pom’s Galaxy Travel Guide goes from January 24 to February 9.