How to tame a Griffin in Ark: Survival Evolved

Mythological beasts abound.

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Ark: Survival Evolved has a lot of fast-flying and powerful creatures that dominate both the land and sky. The Griffin is definitely one of those creatures. With the ability to carry a decent amount of weight, deal a ton of damage, and transport you swiftly from point A to B, the Griffin is an excellent option. The Griffin has a lot of potential to help you and your Tribe in Ark: Survival Evolved and is a magnificent creature to look at. This guide will look at how to tame the Griffin in Ark: Survival Evolved.

What the Griffin is used for in Ark: Survival Evolved

The Griffin is a swift, flying mount that can easily traverse the skies and land. Able to deal a considerable amount of damage by dive-bombing from great heights, the Griffin is an excellent all-rounder. The Griffin has a ton of carrying weight and can have a passenger on its back. This means one person can fly, and another can shoot.

The Griffin’s dive ability also makes it one of the speediest creatures, but it has limited Stamina. You’ll want to ensure you level that and it’s Melee Damage. The downside to the Griffin is that it doesn’t wear any armor, which leaves it open to taking a ton of damage from enemy players or creatures.

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Where to find the Griffin and what you’ll need to tame it in Ark: Survival Evolved

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The Griffin can be found on four maps in Ark: Survival Evolved, namely, Ragnarok, Crystal Isles, Lost Island, and Fjordur. Their large wingspans easily spot them and the dust cloud they leave behind near the ground. The Griffin is naturally aggressive, but their attack radius as a wild creature has them circling their prey, and they’ll never use their dive-bomb attack. To tame the Griffin, you’ll need the following items:

  • 1x Net Gun and Net Projectile or 3x Dinosaur Gates and Reinforced Dinosaur Gates
  • 1x Longneck Rifle, Crossbow, Tek Bow, or Compound bow.
  • Based on your weapon of choice, Tranquilizer Dart, Shocking Tranquilizer Darts, Tranquilizing Arrows, or Element Shards.
  • Extraordinary Kibble or Raw Mutton. It takes 11 Extraordinary Kibble to tame a level 150 Griffin at a 1x Taming Speed. You can use a Sanguine Elixir for a once-off boost of 30%.

How to tame the Griffin in Ark: Survival Evolved

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There are two methods to taming the Griffin. First, you can use the 3x Dinosaur Gates and form a neat row, with enough space between the gates that you can run out. Place a door in each gate, and ensure the last one is closed and one is open. From there, you’ll need to lure your Griffin closer. As they naturally become aggressive, you shouldn’t have any issues at all. Lead them to the trap entrance and slip out between the spaces when they’re inside. You must then rush around and close the gate on them so they cannot escape.

Alternatively, you can pin them down with the Net Gun and try to tame them from there. Remember to stop shooting once they’ve dropped unconscious, or you’ll ruin your perfect tame. Once they’ve been knocked out, place the taming food in their inventory and wait for them to eat.