How to tame a Managarmr in Ark: Survival Evolved

They’re jumpy jets.

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In Ark: Survival Evolved there are some creatures that you just can’t afford to not have around. Whether it’s due to their gathering and harvesting abilities, their offensive or defensive capabilities, or their mobility it’s important to have a certain staple group. The Managarmr is one of those creatures, due to its ability to be highly mobile and deal decent damage. The Managarmr is also one of the creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved that can give even experienced players a headache when you’re trying to tame them, thanks to their jumpy nature. In this guide we’ll explain how to tame a Managarmr in Ark: Survival Evolved.

What the Managarmr does in Ark: Survival Evolved

While it used to be a highly overpowered tame that was capable of freezing foes from a great distance and then jetting away across the map, it was quite heavily nerfed. Regardless of that, the Managarmr remains powerful if well-bred due to its ability to swim fast, freeze with its alternate fire, and travel quickly with its jumps. You can also use its freeze breath mid-jump to assail air-borne enemies that are annoying from above. 

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The Managarmr is a great mount in PvP, but also PvE, as you can travel swiftly with a decent weight load. However, you’ll need to watch your Stamina as it drains very quickly.

Where to find the Managarmr and what you’ll need to tame it in Ark: Survival Evolved

Originally introduced with the Extinction expansion, the Managarmr has since been added to other maps as well. You can find them on the following maps:

  • Extinction
  • Genesis Part 2
  • Lost Island

They are cold-loving creatures by nature, but because they can travel far in pursuit of their prey, you might find them in weird places. To tame a Managarmr requires patience as well as several items. There’s only one efficient way to tame the Managarmr, as it jumps like mad, so you’ll need the following:

  • 1x Harpoon Launcher.
  • 5x Net Projectile.
  • 1x Longneck Rifle, Tek Bow, or Crossbow.
  • Shocking Tranquilizer Darts, Element Shards, or Tranquilizer Arrows.
  • Exceptional Kibble (It takes 11 Exceptional Kibble to tame a 150 Managarmr on 1x Taming Speed)
  • Fur Armor.

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How to tame a Managarmr in Ark: Survival Evolved

The simplest method is to allow it to agro onto yourself or your tame. If you think you’re a good enough shot to hit the Managarmr while it’s in the air, you can try, but it’s probably best to wait for them to land before you take your shot. 

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Once they’ve landed you can fire your Net Projectile at them and they’ve become immobilized and unable to attack or run. This is the point in time when you begin to shoot them with your chosen method of tranquilizing, stopping when they pass out or you’ll ruin a perfect tame. Remember the higher your damage percentage on your chosen weapon, the more Torpor you’ll deal, and headshots increase that Torpor further. Once it has been knocked out, you can place the Exceptional Kibble in its inventory and wait for it to eat.