How to tame a Manta in Ark: Survival Evolved

Not fun to deal with, but fun to use.

There are plenty of ways to get around in the oceans of Ark: Survival Evolved. From riding the mighty Megalodon to zipping around on an Angler, there’s always some way to get out and about. While most people don’t consider the Manta a rideable creature, oddly enough, this not-so-nice pancake-like creature does offer quite a high mobility. In this guide, we’ll look at how to tame a Manta in Ark: Survival Evolved so you can zip around in style.

What is the Manta, and what does it do in Ark: Survival Evolved

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While its dossier describes the Manta as a docile creature, it is anything but docile. Simply swimming near them is reason enough for them to attack the player. They also seem to actively seek out their prey, as tamed aquatic creatures ‘parked’ near the coast will also be regularly attacked by them. Mantas usually swim together in groups of three, and they will gang up on you to ruin your day.

They are found on all maps apart from Scorched Earth and Extinction due to their lack of deeper water locations.

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How to tame the Manta in Ark: Survival Evolved and what you’ll need

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The Manta cannot be knocked unconscious to be tamed because it is a passive tame. Do note that the Manta is a hostile creature, unlike the Ichthy and Mesopithecus, which makes this tame extremely frustrating and, given the Manta’s high damage output, even dangerous. This is the main issue you will encounter. AnglerGel, a substance dropped by the Angler, is used to tame Mantas.

To combat their aggro radius, use Bug Repellent. You have to spray yourself with Bug Repellant while you’re on land, then don your scuba fins and use an amphibious mount to entice the mantas into very shallow water (so they can’t go up or down). Approach the Manta from behind. They won’t attack you if you touch the stingers or the back of its “wings.”

Using SCUBA Flippers can also assist greatly when you need to run away should it become angered. You can make a trap as well by using a Stone Doorframe. The Manta’s large flipper span helps trap the Manta if you’re taming alone.