How to tame a Triceratops in Ark: Survival Evolved

Triceratops is just a big chunky guy.

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If you think about herbivores in Ark: Survival Evolved, or any dinosaur-related content, you’ll think about the Triceratops or Trike. With its distinctive headpiece and long horns, this creature is easily recognizable, even from a long distance. The Trike is one of the original creatures that was launched with the game and has seen many uses since its inception. This guide will detail how to tame the Trike in Ark: Survival Evolved.

What the Trike does in Ark: Survival Evolved

Trikes are generally calm creatures, but when agitated, they quickly turn hostile. A Trike will hunt down any threats and eliminate them with extreme zeal, which extends to players stealing any of their eggs. Trikes are known to charge and ram targets, knocking them back and dealing quite a lot of damage.

The Trike is a useful tame, as, like all herbivores, it can gather large amounts of berries. It’s also a great tame to use for collecting Thatch from trees, especially if you use its charge attack through a forest.

The Trike is a decent secondary tame for PvP soaking, as it reduces damage when taking any attack to its armored head. However, it lacks the protection option other tame such as the Stego offers to their riders. The Trike is also slow, and its radius of attack is relatively small, and if you need to get out of a situation, it can end in disaster.

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What items are needed to tame the Trike in Ark: Survival Evolved

There are a couple of ways that you can go about taming the Trike based on your personal preference and skill level. To tame it, you’ll require the following items:

  • Simple Kibble x16 for a 150 Trike on a server with an x1 Taming Speed, 16x Kibble for Mobile, or crops.
  • Longneck Rifle, Crossbow, or Tek Bow.
  • Shocking Tranquilizing Darts, Tranquilizing Arrows, or Element Shards.
  • Narcotics or Narcoberries.
  • Harpoon Launcher and Net Projectile.

Taming a Trike isn’t a complicated endeavor. They’re slow and charge in straight lines, giving you plenty of time to dodge away. Taking the high ground on a nearby boulder is a great way to keep them from damaging you, and as they’re not too fast, you can easily chase after them once they start running. If you’re worried about them, you can use the Net Projectile to pin them in place, giving you plenty of time to shoot them.

Do not shoot the Trike in its head, or it will not take full Torpor, and you’ll waste your Tranquilizers.

Once the Trike has fallen unconscious, feed it the taming food you’ve brought by placing it in its inventory. You can use the Sanguine Elixir for a once-off 30% boost to the tame.