How to tame an Anglerfish in Ark: Survival Evolved

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Ark: Survival Evolved is about taming suitable creatures for the right jobs. While it’s possible to farm items and resources by yourself, it’s undoubtedly a behemoth of a task. That is why it becomes vital to tame a wide array of creatures to help you with the task of farming. Below, we will look at how to tame the Anglerfish in Ark: Survival Evolved to make your underwater escapades a bit easier.

What the Anglerfish does in Ark: Survival Evolved

Besides looking like a deep-sea nightmare, the Anglerfish has several critical uses in Ark. First, it has a high movement speed, making zipping along the ocean biome quick and easy. Additionally, it is a smaller creature, making navigation through small winding tunnels much easier than with other much larger sea creatures. However, the most important use of the Anglerfish is its ability to harvest an excessive amount of Silica Pearls. Silica Pearls are one of the key ingredients for higher-tier items in Ark: Survival Evolved. You’ll need them to make Electronics, and the Anglerfish is the singular best creature to harvest them in the ocean.

The Anglerfish is also capable of harvesting Black Pearls, a resource needed for crafting the end-game Tek gear. While it isn’t as great at gathering Black Pearls as the Tusoteuthis, it is a great all-rounder. Killing the Anglerfish also provides Anglerfish Gel which you’ll need to craft the Night Vision Goggles, Electric Prod, and Manta taming.

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Where to find the Anglerfish and what you’ll need to tame it in Ark: Survival Evolved

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The Anglerfish is an aquatic creature. This means you will only find it in water areas and, more commonly, at greater ocean depths. Therefore, the Anglerfish is not available on the following maps:

  • Extinction.
  • Scorched Earth.

The Anglerfish is generally located in the deeper parts of the sea and can be found alone or with other Anglerfish. Unfortunately, there are also some other nasty creatures in the vicinity, so it’s best to keep an eye out for those. To tame the Anglerfish, you’ll need the following items in your inventory and equipped:

  • 1x Tek Bow, Crossbow, Harpoon Launcher.
  • Tranquilizing Arrows, Tranquilizing Spearbolt, or Element Shards based on your chosen weapon. Note, if you’re using a Crossbow, there is a chance you might kill your Anglerfish if you’re not careful. 
  • Scuba Suit, particularly the Suba Chestpiece and Flippers. You may want to bring backups if you don’t have good-quality gear.
  • Regular Kibble or Kairuku Kibble (mobile). On a server with a 1x Taming Speed, you’ll need 10x Kibble for a level 150. A Sanguine Elixir boosts the taming by 30% once off. You can also use Raw Mutton if you don’t have Kibble.


If you have a Tusoteuthis, you can use their flail attack to deal Torpor, but you will most likely end up killing the Anglerfish if your Melee is high.

How to tame the Anglerfish in Ark: Survival Evolved

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You’ll have to isolate a single Anglerfish if faced with a group. The best method for this is killing the unwanted Anglerfish. Using a high-level Basiliosaurus or a Tusoteuthis is a good option. Alternatively, you can use a high damage Crossbow or a Tek Rifle to gun down the unwanted Anglerfish. Once you have your selected target alone, quite simply, all you have to do is shoot it and then swim away as it gives chase. The Anglerfish is not a fast creature without a human rider, and with your Flippers equipped, it is pretty simple to outspeed them as you reload your weapon to maintain a distance.

Once they have been knocked out, place your chosen taming food in their inventory, and if you have a Sanguine Elixir, force-feed it to gain the boost. Important to note is the durability of your Scuba set. If it runs out, it will break, and you’ll start consuming your Oxygen bar. Also, each attack you take from a creature in the ocean will lower your durability, and using the Scuba gear will slowly drain the durability over time. Keep it topped off and you’ll finish this tame in no time.