How to tame an Astrodelphis in Ark: Survival Evolved

Cute and fast.

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The Astrodelphis in Ark: Survival Evolved is one of the newer creatures added to the game. Launched alongside the Genesis Part 2 map, this space-faring dolphin has caused waves. With its high mobility, offensive capabilities, and general cuteness, the Astrodelphis is a creature worth taming. Every Tribe should aim to obtain an Astrodelphis in Ark: Survival, and below, we’ll detail exactly how to do it and where you can find these space creatures.

What the Astrodelphis does in Ark: Survival Evolved

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The Astrodelphis is a creature that fares as well in space as it does in the air and water. With no oxygen meter, the Astrodelphis can seamlessly switch between environments with no issue. In addition, the Astrodelphis is capable, once equipped with its saddle, of traversing great distances in the blink of an eye.

Equipped with a fighter-jet-like movement system, the Astrodelphis can perform aerial combat in much the same way as the Tropeganthis, but instead, it’s powered by Element. Players who use the Astrodelphis will be able to harness its ability to launch homing missiles that will track down enemies and use its power-up ability that is activated by flying through the after-effects of killing wild creatures. The Astrodelphis can also harvest a large number of resources from its kills, and as you’ll be able to travel fast, you can use it for scouting and exploring.

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Where to find the Astrodelphis and what you’ll need to tame it in Ark: Survival Evolved

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The Astrodelphis in Ark: Survival Evolved is only found on the Genesis 2 map. You’ll need to head to the space between the Eden and Rockwell sides of the map. This is the area where the daily meteors spawn. In this area of space, you’ll find the Astrodelphis swimming about with their pods, and they’re quite easy to locate due to the colorful trails they leave behind. Astrodelphis will travel in groups, and there are often Void Wyrms or Seekers nearby, so keep a vigilant eye out as you search for the Astrodelphis. The Astrodelphis should not be confused with its much larger counterpart, the Astrocetus.

You’ll need to ensure that you have the following items with you to tame the Astrodelphis:

  • Element, on a server with 1x Taming Speed, you’ll need 112 Element to fully tame the Astrodelphis. You can also use a Sanguine Elixir for a single 30% boost to the taming.
  • Federation Tek Suit, or any Tek Suit.
  • A weapon in case you get jumped by a Void Wyrm.

How to tame the Astrodelphis in Ark: Survival Evolved

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The Astrodelphis is a passive tame. This means that you cannot knock it out and tame it; instead, you must hand-feed it. The Astrodelphis is a playful creature but not naturally aggressive. You’ll have to interact with it quickly when you approach it, as it will bump you back. Try to manuever under its belly or above its body to interact with it. You’ll have to pet it once, and then you can begin taming. It will constantly bump you back if you don’t approach from the right angle.

Once you’ve fed it the first piece of Element from the last slot in your hotbar, it will swim away, urging you to follow. The quickest way to follow them is to use the Tek Punch and Fly ability of your Tek Suit, but be careful you don’t accidentally hit the Astrodelphis as you’ll draw their aggression, and you’ll have to run away.

Each time you feed the Astrodelphis, it will consume a larger amount of Element per feed, meaning you won’t have to feed it too many times before it tames up. However, be careful of the surrounding Astrodelphis, as they’ll also want to be tamed or knock you back if you get too close to them and draw their attention.