Can you tame Allays in Minecraft? Answered

Want to keep them by your side?

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The Allay is one of Minecraft’s most exciting new additions to The Wild Update 1.19. These small fairy-like creatures are very friendly and love to fly around the area looking for a resource to bring back to you. With them being so friendly, some people are likely going to want to tame them and have them by their side full time. So, is there a way to tame Allays in Minecraft?

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How to tame Allays in Minecraft

Unfortunately, Allays can not be tamed in Minecraft. While they are a friendly mob, they will not blindly follow your character without some input from you. If you hand them an item, they will constantly stay within a certain vicinity of you while looking for more of that item to pick up. If you take away that item, they will then randomly fly around.

While it may be disappointing that you can not assign an Allay to a player, this does allow multiple people to interact with and claim Allays. If you take away their item, another player can come up and give them a different item to search for. “Ownership” of the Allay then swaps over to that other player. This does mean that you will constantly need to have them searching for stuff to stop them from leaving and going off on their own.

Another way to keep Allays close to a certain area is to place and play a Note Block. Any Allay that can hear the music will return to that block and drop whatever item they have scavenged at that point, which will then make things easier for you to give it another item.