How to tame Fenrir in Ark: Survival Evolved

The legendary wolf.

Image via Studio Wildcard

Fjordur brings a wonderfully Nordic-themed map with breathtaking new locations and exciting new creatures to Ark: Survival Evolved. The alpine setting plays host to several locations that come straight from Nordic mythology, and the similarities don’t’ stop there. One of the new creatures that arrived with the map, Fenrir is a homage to the Nordic lore that inspired this world, and this guide will explain how to tame Fenrir in Ark: Survival Evolved.

What Fenrir does in Ark: Survival Evolved

Fenrir is a wolfish creature that resembles the Direwolf. The mount itself can provide a buff, which encases its fur in spikes of ice while the howl will freeze creatures around you. Fenrir comes with natural armor which increases with the ice-buff howl, however, the ice-buff will drain your stamina. The ice armor will also hurt enemies which attack you once it’s in place, though the reflected damage is quite low.

How to tame Fenrir in Ark: Survival Evolved

Image via Studio WIldcard

Fenrir cannot be tamed through any normal means. The Fenrir creature can only be obtained by defeating the final boss on the Fjordur map. This involves a long process that requires a lot of grinding and effort to achieve. To fight the final boss, you’ll need to complete the following stages:

Kill Alpha creatures such as the Alpha Raptors.This will provide a series of Runestones.
Mini-Bosses.Kill Hati and Skoll, Beyla, and Steinbjorn. To summon them you must use the Runestones you obtain from the slain Alphas. In total, you will need 90 Runestones. Killing them will provide Relics.
Island Bosses.You’ll need to kill the Broodmother, Megapithicus, and Dragon. You’ll need to obtain their Relics as well as their Artifacts.
Fenrisulfr.You’ll have to place all the Island Boss trophies into the summoning circle and then kill the last boss.

Once you’ve killed the last boss, you’ll obtain a single Fenrir in your inventory secured in a Cryopod, as well as other high-end loot. This Fenrir is a smaller version of the boss and it cannot be bred, which means that if you want to obtain more Fenrir, you’ll have to repeat the process every time. As such, the Fenrir is more of a showcase creature.

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