How to tame Parrots in Minecraft

Anyone else hear that?

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Taming animal mobs in Minecraft is something that a lot of players enjoy doing. It is great to have a faithful companion at your side for various reasons. Since Parrots were added into the game, you might not really expect to see them because they are pretty rare. However, if you do come across them, you can befriend them. Here is how to tame Parrots in Minecraft.

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How to find and tame Parrots in Minecraft

To find Parrots in Minecraft, you will need to travel to a jungle biome. These are the only areas where they natively spawn. Even in these biomes, they have a very small chance of appearing, so be sure to look all around logs, leaves, and grass blocks. They can imitate the sound of hostile mobs, so if you hear an extra Zombie nearby, it might actually be a Parrot.

When you find a Parrot, it can be tamed by feeding it wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or beetroot seeds. Be sure not to feed it a cookie, or the Parrot will instantly die from poisoning. You will see hearts appear from it when the taming is successful. You will also be able to tell it to sit to stay in a location. Otherwise, it will follow you.

Parrots will perch on your shoulder randomly when flying around. Just walk through it as it flies around to make it do it. It will jump off the shoulder when you take damage, sleep on a bed, drop off of a high ledge, or go into water. If you have a jukebox playing a music disc, the Parrot will begin dancing. Outside of having the Parrot around you and imitating nearby mobs, there isn’t much use to having one other than the company.