How to tame and ride Llamas in Minecraft

A llama? He’s supposed to be dead!

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Llamas may not be as readily available as Horses in Minecraft, but you are sure to still run into them every now and then. Llamas can be seen being dragged around by Wandering Traders, or they will be in Savannah, Windswept Hills, or Windswept Forest biomes. They occasionally will spit at you when they are not happy. If you have the right items, though, you can actually ride one. Here is the process to tame and ride Llamas in Minecraft.

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How to tame a Llama

To tame a Llama, you will need to interact with it with an empty hand and jump on its back. If the Llama is tamed, you will see hearts appear from the creature. If you did not tame it, you will be kicked off and can try again. To give yourself a better chance of taming it, you can feed it either ten Wheat or five Hay Bales. Giving it the food will increase the likelihood of it working the next time you jump on it.

Unlike Horses, you can not put a Saddle on a Llama and direct it where to go. Instead, Llamas are mainly used for following you, and you can put a Chest on them to have them carry supplies for you. After the Llama has been tamed, have a Chest in your hand and interact with the Llama while not on it to put it on them. You can then jump on the Llama and open your inventory to see what is in their Chest. Additionally, if you put a Carpet in the slot to the left when you open their inventory, you can decorate them with whatever color Carpet you have.

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Because Llamas can not be directed where to go while riding them, you will need to put a Lead on them and drag them with you whenever you want to take them somewhere as Wandering Traders do.