How to transfer ownership of a Club in Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension

Here’s how to change the Owner of a Club in Apex Legends.

Club Ownership

Clubs in Apex Legends are a new way to connect with friends and other players and have four different member ranks: Owner, Admin, Captain, and Grunt. If you created the Club, you are the Owner, and there can only be one Owner, but what if you want to step down? Here is how to transfer ownership of your Club in Apex Legends.

Transferring Ownership

  1. Select someone in your Club who wants to be the new owner or have a new person join the Club to be the recipient. There is no transfer ownership option, but there is a workaround
  2. Promote the person you would like to give ownership to Admin, and demote the other Admins to Captain
  3. Leave the Club entirely; this will assign ownership to the next highest-ranking member; you will have successfully transferred ownership of the Club

Rejoining the Club

  1. If you still want to be a part of the Club, have the new Owner invite you back.
  2. Once you rejoin, it may glitch out and show up that there are two Owners. This is just an error in the game’s loading. Both you and the person you transferred ownership should quit the game out entire and start it up again for things to show up as normal.
  3. You will be a Grunt now. The new Owner can assign any role back to you they choose, be it Admin, Captain, or keeping you as Grunt.

Once all of those steps have been followed, the new Owner can repromote all of the Admins that were demoted and make any other changes to the Club they wish to.