What are Clubs in Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension?

It’s time to team up or shut up.

apex clubs

While Apex Legends has had a friends system for a long time, something that it’s always been missing is a guild feature. This is all changing soon with the new addition of Clubs. The terminology was first discovered in July by data miners, but it was never clear how or when it would be implemented.

Clubs are new content for Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension that will allow you to find and connect with players in the game itself, which is very common and crucial to the longevity of many online games. One of the major reasons this addition will be valuable is that it will give a shared space for PC and console players (as well as Origin and Steam players) outside of queuing with friends you may know or solo queueing and teaming with a PC and console duo.

The nature of Clubs

Clubs encourage finding like-minded players, as with most guild and team systems. There are private and public options, and the public ones are searchable. Each club must have a unique name, like player names.

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Building community in the game isn’t just good for morale, but it will also be good for queue times; if like-minded players of similar levels are all queuing in pre-made squads of three, it will lower the wait time overall to get into a game.

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There are also brand-new badges you can earn as a Club, because as Respawn puts it, “the Club that slays together, stays together”.